Divinely Intuitive Healings with Monique
Divinely Intuitive Healing Facilitator * Life Coach * ThetaHealing Master Practitioner & Instructor


"Monique is one of the most open and aligned healers that I have had the opportunity to work with. I first met Monique at one of her intro to ThetaHealing seminars, and instantly I knew that she was the teacher I had been searching for. I took her Basic DNA ThetaHealing class, and I can honestly say that it changed my life. I was able to clear and bridge beliefs that I didn't even know that I had into more positive and productive ones, and I also learned how to clear beliefs for others. Whether you are in the business of healing or you just want to learn methods to heal yourself, Monique is a kind and compassionate teacher that teaches to ALL levels within her classes. She makes sure that no one gets left behind. Even if you're new to this stuff, she will take the time to make sure you understand what you're doing and empower you to believe in yourself. She knows just how to lead the class in an inter-connected way where seasoned healers and beginners can all learn from where they are at and still feel connected to the entire class. THAT is the mark of a true teacher right there. I am her student for life.

I also had the pleasure of having a personal session with her. She easily was able to tune in to what was going on with me, and what beliefs were holding me back, and together we cleared them from a space of pure unconditional love. If you have never had a ThetaHealing session before, know that you are ALWAYS in control of the healing. Monique checks in with you on every belief and makes sure that you are comfortable through the entire process. You feel completely safe the entire session, and the healings truly are instantaneous. After a ThetaHealing session, you feel empowered and one with your inner self, and know that if you book your session with Monique that you will be very glad that you did". Amber

"Monique is an amazing healer!  I have had the privilege of being a client for many years and over the past several years have benefitted from her ThetaHealing® sessions. These sessions have helped me on many levels particularly mind, body and spirit.  Through the ThetaHealing® sessions, I have released so much negativity in my life which has diminished my physical pain and raised my spiritual awareness to a higher level.  Her ability to pin-point my pain issues and connect to a higher level (spirit) in order to release the blockages that caused me to be stuck in physical pain is totally amazing!  I always leave my sessions with Monique feeling lighter and pain free."  L.S

"Knowing Monique for so many years, I've come to appreciate her genuine desire to help people not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally.  What is special about Monique is her training as a Practitioner and now Instructor of the ThetaHealing® Technique.  She is a proponent of the philosophy of healing through "The Creator" whomever that is to the individual. Through ThetaHealing® classes taught by Monique, I feel I have grown as a person.  Many beliefs and issues that have held me back in life have been addressed and have opened the door to much more positive possibilites.  ThetaHealing® has helped me look at myself spiritually and emotionally. Through this technique, negative beliefs have been replaced with positive aspirations.  I am so happy I connected with Monique LaCroix.  It has been a life changer!" Jean

"Taking a ThetaHealing class with Monique is an uplifting and empowering experience. She is a passionate teacher, who is generous with sharing her knowledge and skills to her students. Monique creates a class atmosphere that is informative, and enjoyable, where every student is respected and encouraged. Monique is patient, and graciously answers questions that arise. She includes her own experiences which provide examples of how ThetaHealing can be integrated into every aspect of life.  As a student of Monique's, I have gained self-confidence, a deeper understanding of forgiveness, a better sense of trust in myself, a more positive outlook, and a deeper understanding of, and renewed faith in Creator. I have developed a more patient, giving energy that allows me to send healing to those in need, and unconditional love to all. Theta-healing with Monique has been a life-changing blessing to me, while on my journey in this life.  Amy